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API Technology Roadmap



the business requirment



the working of each requirment

Strategize Events

Syncloop allows architects to clearly define the various aspects in terms of resources and the environment long before initiating the API’s development and deployment.

  • Create plans for the building, migrating and deploying of APIs on the platform in a time-bound manner.
  • Allocate developers and Identify the potential for internal and external business value.
  • Conceive a consistent exchange of valuable resources for a start-up or an enterprise while being transparent in the functionality of these APIs
API Developement tech architects

Review Requirements

Syncloop has aided architects with the best practices for understanding various API needs. The platform supports OSIMM Level 6 by supporting Virtualized Services.

  • Convert the high-level API requirements to the validated API requirements with an easy server resource (CPU and RAM) switch.
  • Prioritizing the various requirements for API Development and also assessing the relative value to the priority of the solution
  • Identify, represent and manage the viewpoints of many different types of stakeholders on API development.
API Developement tech architects

Validate Actions

The finalized requirements need to be validated ahead of developing APIs. They need to be validated with the stakeholders for accuracy, consistency and robustness.

  • Performing functional and non-functional testing on APIs.
  • Checking the reliability of APIs to be developed while ensuring that the expectations of all stakeholders are fulfilled.
  • Taking corrective actions for any design mismatch between desired and developed APIs.
API Developement tech architects

Execute Plan

Syncloop helps in creating and maintaining technology roadmaps that align with business needs while addressing various API integration and deployment issues.

  • Delivers a Wrapper API interface with several monitoring tools that help to streamline the process of making API calls for making APIs go live in seconds.
  • Regulate API’s most and least used operations, and where to focus efforts.
  • Develop articles, videos, training, and other resources to accelerate learning across the team, partners, organization, and other stakeholders
API Developement tech architects