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Syncloop Badge Program:
A Learning Journey for API Developers

Join The API Development revolution And Earn Prestigious
Digital Badges That Showcase Your Skills And Expertise

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Why Do You Need Digital Badges?

Digital badges are not just fancy icons. They are powerful tools that can:

  • Show your expertise and proficiency in API Developement
  • Prove your skills and achievements with tangible evidence
  • Validate your knowledge and capabilities in API development
  • Connect you with like-minded professionals and experts

By earning digital badges with Syncloop API’s Badge Program, you’ll gain recognition and respect from the community, and boost your career opportunities.

Don’t miss this chance to join the Badge Program today and start earning your digital badges!

API Developement tech architects

What You Will Get

By joining Syncloop API’s Badge Program, you will get:

  • Access to high-quality courses, tutorials, and guides that teach you how to use Syncloop API to create, integrate, and deploy APIs with ease
  • Digital badges that validate your skills and achievements and enhance your professional profile
  • Exclusive benefits such as swags, early access to features, mentorship calls, and more
  • Access to our Discord community where you can interact with other developers and get support from our team

You will also get to learn from the experts and network with other like-minded professionals who are passionate about API development.

API Developement tech architects

How The Badge Program Works

Pioneer Badge

To earn the Pioneer badge, you need to:

You’ll also get access to our Discord community where you can interact with other developers and get support from our team.

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Ambassador Badge

To earn the Ambassador badge, you need to:

  • Onboard 3 persons to Syncloop as Pioneers
  • Write a blog post on Syncloop
  • Give a presentation or talk about Syncloop at a local meetup / conference
  • Share your experience on social media and tag Syncloop


  • Exclusive Swags
  • Showcase on Social Media
  • Top 3 Ambassadors get to work with DevRel Team
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Advocate Badge

To earn the Advocate badge, you need to:

  • Have Pioneer and Ambassador badges
  • Integrate APIs made on Syncloop with a third-party service
  • Use Syncloop APIs in an open-source project with at least 500 stars
  • Be active in the Syncloop Discord community


  • 1:1 Mentorship call with CEO and Letter of Recommendation
  • Showcase on Website
  • Exclusive Swags
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What Others Are Saying About The Badge Program

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our happy badge earners

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