07 most happening Developer's conference in 2023 in US

Posted by: Bharat  |  March 17, 2023
07 most happening Developer's
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Taking part in a conference or a summit dedicated to the developer and tech community is worth every penny. You build new connections, upgrade yourself with the latest technology, and even find unique work opportunities when you meet entrepreneurs and leaders. Above all, an outing like this will rejuvenate you if you're in a monotonous work cycle.

In this write-up, we will focus on the most happening physical conferences in the United States. The next one will focus on international conferences.

Here are seven developer summits to take place in the United States in 2023.

GDC 2023

San Francisco, CA
20-24 March
Highlights - Notable speakers to participate include Allen Adham, co-founder and CDO of Blizzard Entertainment, and Lucas Adami, co-owner of ViVa Games.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is a well-known event for professional game developers and their craft. The event connects the global game development community under one umbrella. Its attendees include programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders.

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

Las Vegas, NV
22-24 May
Highlights - Notable speakers to participate include Jesse McGinnis, Sr. Development Lead at Shopify, and NYT Bestselling Author Adam Savage, who is also a Hollywood Special Effects Designer.

A world-class group of Gartner product engineering experts and thousands of industry guns from across industries will meet up in May to find innovative ways to accelerate businesses. Ideal for anyone who designs leading-edge applications, architectures, and strategies that deliver the best business values.

TechConnect World Innovation

Washington, DC
19-21 June
Highlights - Notable speakers to participate include Ramon Borrell, CTO of Quantica Gmbh, and Jason Cotrell, CEO of RCAM Technologies.

TechConnect World is the ideal venue for bringing together key innovators and stakeholders. Here, innovative ideas get a good look from investors and a commercial launchpad to market them. Big businesses get the opportunity to meet top innovators across many verticals.

Noticeable trends in these events
  • Gaming is a big domain, and this market continues to grow at a rapid speed
  • SaaS and IoT remain the foundations of IT infrastructure
  • Analytics and data science drive marketing trends
  • Data security is the prime focus of businesses.

Nashville, TN
19-20 July
Highlights - Notable speakers to participate include Caleb Porzio, creator of Liverwire and ALPINE.JS and Matt Stauffer, co-founder of Tigthen.

The flagship Laravel event of the year will return in 2023. It's a great reason also to visit beautiful Nashville for two days and join like-minded people for fantastic talks and long-lasting networking. No doubt, there will be several talented developers from Laravel and from outside.


Boston, MA
16-19 August
Highlights - Important topics include some trending issues like Cloud & Hyperscale, Edge Computing and HPC Big Data, and Data Science.

DevConf.US in 2023 will be the sixth annual conference for community projects and professional contributors to meet and share knowledge. It is a free event and doesn't require charges. Just registering will do. Students, new graduates, and professionals have found a lot of meaning in DevConf.US in the past through network connections and learning new things.


Philadelphia, PA
12-13 October
Highlights - A symposium on Web and Cloud technologies that will exceed 400 attendees across 32 sessions in two days of talks, workshops, and showcases.

If you're a Java nerd, then LINBERTYJS 23 has to be on your bucket list. The two-day event is the perfect hub to meet the local Philadelphia JavaScript developer community. It'll have multiple-track conferences of JavaScript sessions, workshops, and our after-conference.

Tech Leader Summit

Clearwater, FL
06-08 December
Highlights - Notable speakers to participate include Kate Wardin, Senior Engineering Manager at Netflix, and Venkat Subramaniam, Founder of Agile Developer, Inc.

The Tech Leader Summit provides a taste of the most recent technologies, hiring methodologies, and industry practices that you can apply in your workplace. Focused on leadership practices, it will include discussions on topics like software architecture management, training people, and agile methodologies making waves in the market.

Why join a summit?

The reasons are very many. You'll :

  • Build new connections
  • Get updated with the latest trends
  • Find potential job or business opportunities
  • Find a reason for a vacation

Stay tuned for our next article on developer and tech conferences globally.

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