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Google Calendar & Maps Integration

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This amazing feature on Syncloop that allows users to effortlessly access the details of their scheduled meetings on Google Calendar. The feature enables users to view the exact location of the meeting on the map, which can be used to calculate the shortest and most efficient route between their current location and the meeting venue. By leveraging this powerful API, users can plan their travel accordingly and ensure they arrive at their meetings on time, without any hassle or delays. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are frequently on-the-go and need to optimize their travel time to maximize their productivity.

API developement platform

How to import in workspace?

This option is used to import or manually promote APIs that are exported from the export screen. Only Syncloop exported files can be imported into the workspace.

The various steps involved in importing the exiting API from the device are shown below:

1. Click on the Import tool icon Import tool and an open dialog window will be displayed

2. Choose the exported zip file from your local system and upload it.

3. The API will be successfully imported into the Syncloop workspace.

Input Parameters:
Name Type Description
currentLocation_LAT: Number Latitude value of the coordinate
currentLocation_LNG: Number Longitude value of the coordinate
Output Parameter:
Name Type Description
*401: Document Unauthorized status code
distance: String Distance between current location and meeting venue.
time: String Time taken to reach meeting venue from current location.
calendar_events: Document Array Resource representation of Google Calendar events learn more.

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