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Supports external API calls

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This service works as a http client and can call to any types of http calls.

Input Parameters:
Name Type Description
url: String Provides the HTTP url of service
method: String Provides the HTTP method of the calling service
payload: String Provides the request payload.
uri_parameters: Document Provides the Query parameter
auth: Document
basic: String Provides basic authentication token
awsSignature: String Provides AWS authentication token
formData: Document Provides form data for the request
binaryData: Document Provides content in the form of binary
bytes: byte array Provides content in byte array.
inputStream: Object Provides content in the input stream.
Output Parameter:
Name Type Description
respHeaders: Document Header of the response
respPayload: String Payload of the response
error: String Error message
bytes: byte array response contents in bytes
inputStream: Object response contents as input stream
statusCode: String status code of the request

Crypto Currency Converter

This tutorial will show you how to consume an external API on the Syncloop API development platform. We are trying to use a Currency Convertor API which provides the currency conversion rates of any two currencies. The details including the endpoint of the API are shown.

The API URL is given by


Let us create the service for this API on the Syncloop API Development Platform

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