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Quick Sort

A divide-and-conquer sorting strategy

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Quick Sort is a widely used sorting algorithm that employs the divide-and-conquer strategy to sort a list or an array of elements. Quick Sort algorithm is a powerful sorting algorithm that utilizes the divide-and-conquer approach to sort an array quickly and efficiently.

The detailed overview of how the Quick Sort algorithm works is as follows: Choose a Pivot: The first step of the Quick Sort algorithm is to select an element from the array to be the pivot. The choice of pivot plays a crucial role in determining the algorithm's efficiency. Typically, the array's first, last, or middle element is chosen as the pivot.

Partitioning: The next step is to partition the array by rearranging its elements so that all elements smaller than the pivot come before it and all elements greater than the pivot come after it. This step, known as partitioning, ensures that the pivot is in its final sorted position.

Recursion: After partitioning, the sub-arrays formed by the partitioning process are recursively subjected to the same steps until the entire array is sorted. This recursive process continues until all sub-arrays are sorted, resulting in a fully sorted array.

Input Parameters:
Name Type Description
arr Integer Array Input array of integer numbers
Output Parameters:
Name Type Description
output Integer Array Sorted output array

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