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API Developer Guide / middleware / pub / client / http / requestAPI

Service: requestAPI

This API service works as an HTTP client and is able to call any types of HTTP calls.

Input Parameters:

Name Type Description
*payload Document Input parameter of the requestAPI service.
url: String Provides the HTTP url of service
method: String Provides the HTTP method of the calling service
payload: String Provides the request payload.
urlParameters: Document Provides the Query parameter
formData: Document Provides form data for the request
Settings: Document
sslValidation: Boolean Validates SSL
responseAsInputStream: Boolean Checks for an ordered stream of Bytes
requestTimeout: String Server would like to shut down this unused connection.

Output Parameter:

Name Type Description
respHeaders: Document Header of the response
respPayload: String Payload of the response
statusCode: String status code of the request
isSuccessful: boolean if the connection is successful or not
error: String Error message