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API Developer Guide / middleware / pub / util / notifyAdmin

Service: notifyAdmin

This service is responsible for notifying administrators by sending email notifications.

Input Parameter:

Name Type Description
EmailParams: Document A document containing email-related parameters.
to: String Array An array of email addresses to which the notification will be sent.
subject: String The subject of the email notification.
message: String The body of the email message.
activity: String A description of the activity or event that triggered the notification.
the_email_id: String An optional parameter specifying a unique email identifier, if applicable.
tenant: String The tenant or organization identifier associated with the notification.

Output Parameter:

Name Type Description
SendEmailResponse: Document A document containing the response information from the email sending operation.
ResponseMetadata: Document Metadata associated with the response.
RequestId: String A unique identifier for the request.
SendEmailResult: Document Result information for the email sending operation.
MessageId: String