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API Developer Guide / middleware / pub / service / findAuditLoggingBySessionIDAndCorrelationID

Service: findAuditLoggingBySessionIDAndCorrelationID

This service retrieves audit log data by session ID and correlation ID.

Input Parameter:

Name Type Description
correlationID: String Coorelation ID
sessionID: String Session ID

Output Parameter:

Name Type Description
duration: String Duration of Execution
request: String Request
nanoInstance: String Execution time stamp
fqn: String Fully Qualified Name
dateTimeStmp: String Request Time Stamp
response: String Response
coorelationID: String Coorelation ID
id: String Identification
sessionID: String Session ID
error: String Error Message
nodeName: String Node Name
hostName: String Host Name
urlPath: String URL Path
remoteAddr: String Remote Address
useriD: String User ID